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FleetVista Features and Benefits

Cost-Efficiency – Low cost monthly service with optional cellular data plan. Planning more efficient routes with FleetVista will help you serve more customers, reduce fuel costs, cut overtime hours, and reduce vehicle maintenance.

Fast Time-to-Benefit – With FleetVista, there is no software to install and maintain, and no need to develop a custom application. Simply subscribe to the FleetVista service and provision it with information about your vehicles and drivers.

Fixed or Dynamic Routing Capabilities – FleetVista software allows you to schedule and plan recurring routes as well as manage and even adjust dynamic routes at just a moment’s notice.

Industry Flexibility – FleetVista works with any type of fleet and industry: delivery routes, field service routes, maintenance routes, and more. 

Real-Time Visibility – Interactive Silverlight user-interface shows real-time vehicle locations, customers, and routes.

Fast and Simple Communication – Send routes and instructions to your drivers with the click of a mouse. In-vehicle sensors enable complete vehicle monitoring. Customizable driver forms allow you to tailor to your business needs.

Advanced Reporting – FleetVista maintains a historical record of vehicle routes, breadcrumbing, and route analysis.

Compatibility – FleetVista works with a wide range of off-the-shelf smartphones, PDAs, Netbooks, laptops, and tablet PCs. FleetVista also supports a variety of internal and external GPS devices.

Seamless Integration with TankVista and Other Remote Monitoring Software: Coordinate your vehicle routing with your tank inventory management or with your other remote assets. Click here to learn more about TankVista. Click here to learn about our M2M Solutions.

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Customer Success

"Combining Digi's robust in-vehicle hardware with New Boundary Technologies' fleet management software helps customers monitor their fleets and create more efficient vehicle routes," Larry Kraft, senior vice president of global sales and marketing for Digi International