Experience Control™ of Security Vulnerabilities and Patches

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Experience Control™ of Windows and 3rd party application patches with GFI LanGuard®, the new patch and vulnerability management solution for Prism Suite®GFI LanGuard acts as your virtual security consultant with patch management, vulnerability assessment and network auditing.

Please fill in your name and a valid email address below. Once you click Submit, you will be taken to the GFI website to download the latest version of GFI LanGuard.  You will receive an email from GFI with your 30-day trial key. All further help with pricing, support or anything else you may need for a successful evaluation will come directly from New Boundary Technologies. 

Thank you for your interest in GFI LanGuard as a solution for your patching and vulnerability management needs! For a complete configuration management solution, be sure to check out the other components of Prism Suite - Prism Deploy® with Prism Portal, Prism Mobile™ and Prism Asset Manager®.

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